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Be Eco-Friendly – Be Beautiful


What’s the hot trend in beauty? Going green. And we don’t mean emerald eye shadow (though we’re all for that). We’re talking environmentally friendly and plant-based beauty products that not only do wonders for our skin and hair, but are also saving our planet one beauty product at a time.

Our customers love all things eco-conscious, preservative-free and organic – so we are always on the hunt for ALL GOOD THINGS!
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All Canadian Body Care for the Eco-Friendly


It’s that time of year again and unfortunately, we have to¬†admit that although Canadian winters¬†can be beautiful, they can also be brutal on our skin!

It’s time to update your winter skincare routine. Yeah, winter skincare is no joke. We have all natural and organic skin care options. From bath bombs, soap, body wash and lotion to facial care and a men’s body care line too!

All Good Things Home Shop has introduced many new products from local companies. come on in and check them out. Local companies all handmade with love and care.